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Sep 20, 2023

The Best Upcoming Crypto Airdrops to Hunt in 2023 - CoinSoMuch

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Airdrops can be an excellent way to grow your portfolio without spending anything if you target the right projects. In this guide, I'll list out upcoming airdrops separated into tiers, along with expanded tips on how to qualify for each tier.

Tiers are basically the Category of the Airdrop such as Tier 1 has the Best and Good-to-go Crypto Airdrops where you should definitely go. Tier 2 has less Beneficial Airdrops than Tier 1 and Tier 3 has the least Beneficial Airdrops to Hunt in 2023.

Let's dive in and start hunting!

Upcoming Tier 1 Airdrops in 2023

Tier 1 Airdrops are the Best Airdrops that you should hunt. These are the Best Upcoming Tier 1 Crypto Airdrops where you can definitely get Benefits:

Tips for Qualifying for Tier 1 Airdrops

These are the Proven and Industry-Expert's Advices and Tips on qualifying Tier 1 Airdrops:

  1. Actively hold at least 1-5+ ETH in your wallet - the more the better for major airdrops.

  2. Spread ETH and token holdings across multiple wallets to maximize eligibility.

  3. Use wallets compatible with ZK-rollups like Argent and MetaMask and interact with testnets.

  4. Provide liquidity on DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve for DeFi focused drops

  5. Stake, lend, and leverage tokens on popular DeFi protocols.

  6. Mint NFTs and trade actively on marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare.

  7. Bridge assets across multiple chains using interoperability protocols.

  8. Run nodes on testnets and infrastructure platforms if technical.

  9. Speculate on and hold new L1/L2 tokens early if able to access.

  10. Follow Airdrop hunter Twitter accounts closely for announcements.

  11. Join Discord/Telegram groups and subscribe to project updates.

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Upcoming Tier 2 Airdrops in 2023

Tier 2 Airdrops are least beneficial from Tier 1 but still makes them a Good Option to go. The Upcoming Tier 2 Airdrops in 2023 are:

Tips for Qualifying for Tier 2 Airdrops in 2023

1. Maintain at least 0.1-1 ETH in wallet for snapshot eligibility.

2. Stake small amounts on new layer 1 platforms to get governance rights.

3. Provide liquidity for new DEX platforms planning token rewards.

4. Mint NFTs on niche NFT marketplaces tied to metaverses.

5. Participate in KYC for protocols focused on identity.

6. Seed fund new protocols early via offerings like SAFTs.

7. Run nodes on testnets of projects offering incentives.

8. Bridge assets to niche L1s and L2s planning airdrops.

9. Utilize cross-chain infrastructure like bridges, swaps, and wrappers.

10. Leverage tokens on new DeFi platforms with reward programs.

11. Follow niche crypto thought leaders for news on rising projects.

12. Follow the Best Crypto Podcasts to get Updated Airdrops Information.

13. Join Telegram/Discord groups of lesser-known protocols.

Upcoming Tier 3 Airdrops in 2023

Tier 3 Airdrops are totally Beginner-friendly but are least Beneficial from Tier 1 and Tier 2 Crypto Airdrops. Here are the Upcoming Tier 3 Airdrops:   

Tips for Qualifying Tier 3 Airdrops in 2023

  1. Provide liquidity for meme coins and microcap assets

  2. Stake any amount on testnets to show engagement.

  3. Participate in liquidity mining programs on new DEXs.

  4. Mint cheap NFTs on fringe NFT platforms.

  5. Hold small amounts of niche and airdrop-focused tokens.

  6. Use apps and platforms running incentive campaigns.

  7. Leverage microcap assets on emerging DeFi apps.

  8. Claim free test tokens from faucets and giveaways.

  9. Take advantage of referral programs by sharing links.

  10. Follow fringe crypto influencers and communities.

  11. Browse airdrop ranking sites to find options.

  12. Don't ignore tiny airdrops - they add up over time!

  13. Be active in mining, staking, trading - any on-chain action.

  14. Interact with as many protocols and dApps as possible.

Overall Key Tips for Qualifying Airdrops in 2023

  • Diversify holdings across assets, platforms, and wallets.

  • Don't just hold - actively engage new projects and protocols.

  • Spread holdings and activities across multiple blockchains.

  • Follow airdrop groups closely for news on upcoming drops

  • Work to meet qualifications before they are announced.

Final Conclusion

We hope these qualifying tips help you maximize your upcoming airdrop claims! With the right strategy, airdrops can significantly grow your crypto portfolio. Stay hungry and keep hunting


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