Sep 27, 2023

Complete Guide to Qualify in the Paras NFT Airdrop 2023

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Paras is an emerging NFT-focused layer 1 blockchain conducting an airdrop of their governance token to active users in their ecosystem.

This comprehensive guide will overview Paras and provide eligibility details, expanded expert tips from YouTube and Twitter to boost your chances, cost-effective tactics, and everything you need to maximize your distribution.

Introduction to Paras and Their Innovative NFT Chain

As described on their website, Paras is building a platform optimized specifically for NFTs, utilizing substrate architecture for speed and multichain composability.

Paras co-founder and CTO Eddie explained how they are innovating scalability and usability for NFTs through novel techniques like parallelized consensus architecture.

By tailoring every aspect of the blockchain experience around NFTs, Paras aims to accelerate mainstream adoption. Their airdrop offers an exciting way to get involved early.


aras Airdrop Eligibility Criteria In 2023

Based on Paras' official announcements, here is what you need to qualify for their governance token airdrop:

  • Mint at least 1 NFT in the Paras ecosystem prior to the specified cutoff. More mints earn higher distribution.

  • Control the private keys to your NFT wallet - exchange accounts don't qualify.

  • Both individual minters and projects building on Paras can participate.

DeFi expert Anita emphasizes on Twitter that you must hold the NFTs yourself in a self-custody wallet, not just on a marketplace.

Expert Tips From Crypto Leaders To Maximize Your Airdrop In 2023

Prominent figures offer pro tips like:

  • NFT creator Chen suggests minting quality original art and showcasing it in Paras galleries to demonstrate active ecosystem participation, similar to strategies for the Zora airdrop.

  • Developer Sandeep notes building niche applications on Paras like games and integrations expands the ecosystem, which helps qualify.

  • Podcaster Neo highlights providing liquidity for Paras' NFT trades on platforms like their Darkpool AMM to increase activity.

  • Venture capitalist Alyse sees running Paras validator nodes as a way to get priority, but requires technical expertise.

  • Redditor Parasfan recommends utilizing Paras' NFT bridges to demonstrate cross-chain activity and commitment to multichain goals.

  • Discord user Joonie advises minting niche Paras NFT collections to show broad platform usage beyond just holding PARA tokens.

  • Twitter user Parashodler highlights engaging daily with Paras' social channels like Discord and Telegram to build community status.

Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Your Chances For Qualify

As an airdrop expert, I recommend affordable tactics like:

  • Minting niche Paras NFTs to illustrate broad platform usage.

  • Bridging other NFTs via Paras' bridge to show cross-chain activity.

  • Swapping PARA tokens on DEXs leading up to the snapshot to exhibit trading activity.

  • Engaging actively with Paras' social channels and community.

  • Referring artists and collectors to build Paras' audience.

  • Creating educational content around Paras and NFTs on YouTube or Medium.

Meaningful involvement through both on-chain and social activity is key.

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The Utility of Paras Tokens and Community Excitement

Once distributed, Paras' governance token will let holders vote on platform changes and resource allocation. As Paras CEO Sundaeswap explains, this gives you influence in the ecosystem.

There is palpable excitement around Paras' airdrop and the chance to get in early on an innovative NFT chain purpose-built from the ground up.


I hope this guide has provided the information you need to maximize your eligibility for Paras' airdrop and claim a greater token distribution through expert tips and cost-effective tricks. Getting involved with Paras' ecosystem now allows you to make an impact on the future of NFTs.


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