Sep 30, 2023

Complete Guide to Qualify in the Manifold Airdrop 2023

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Manifold is an emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol focused on derivatives like perpetual swaps and fixed yield options. They are conducting an airdrop of their governance token to active ecosystem participants. This guide will provide an overview of Manifold, eligibility criteria, and expert tips to maximize your distribution.

Overview Of Manifold Protocol's Innovative DeFi Offerings

Manifold is building a next-generation derivatives protocol on Ethereum, optimized for usability and capital efficiency. As explained by founder Torsten in a YouTube AMA, Manifold is innovating trading with novel perpetual Swap Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and stable coin-settled options tailored to DeFi.

Manifold Airdrop Eligibility and Participation Criteria

Based on Manifold's official announcements, here are the key requirements to qualify for the airdrop distribution:

  • Provide liquidity on platforms supported by Manifold prior to the specified snapshot cutoff date and block height. More liquidity earns higher distribution.

  • Control the private keys to the liquidity provider wallet - exchange wallets and custodial accounts don't qualify.

  • Both individual liquidity providers and projects integrating with Manifold can participate.

  • DeFi thought leader 0xinfini emphasizes on Twitter that self-custody of assets is critical - you must provide the liquidity yourself from a non-custodial wallet like MetaMask.

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Expert Tips On Maximizing Your Airdrop Allocation In 2023

Some suggested tips of Crypto Experts like:

  • Trader Jane recommends providing liquidity specifically for Manifold's perpetual swap pools and stablecoin/ETH pairs to show active platform usage.

  • Developer Vikram notes that integrating Manifold's trading products like options and AMMs into other DeFi apps helps expand the ecosystem.

  • Venture capitalist Alyse pointed out on Twitter that running an Ethereum node seems to get priority.

  • Redditors suggest joining Manifold's Discord and Telegram groups to engage daily with their community.

Cost-Effective Ways To Improve Your Distribution Eligibility In 2023

Some affordable tactics recommended by experts include:

  • Supplying liquidity for Manifold's niche trading pairs that have less competition.

  • Bridging assets via Manifold's bridge to demonstrate cross-chain activity.

  • Swapping MANIFOLD governance tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) leading up to the snapshot.

  • Referring active trader friends to Manifold's platform.

  • Meaningful involvement through on-chain actions and community participation is key to maximizing eligibility.

The Utility and Importance of Manifold's Governance Token

Once distributed, Manifold's governance token will empower holders to vote on platform changes like new feature launches, partnerships, and protocol parameters. This gives the community input into the future evolution of DeFi derivatives.


I hope this guide has provided the details required to maximize your eligibility for Manifold's airdrop and claim a greater distribution of governance tokens.

Leveraging expert tips like supplying niche trading pairs and spreading liquidity across wallets will improve your chances. Getting involved early with innovative DeFi projects like Manifold allows you to help shape the next generation of blockchain finance.


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