Dec 22, 2023

Free Crypto for Everyone: Your Step-by-Step Guide to 12 Hidden Airdrops

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Airdrops have become a buzzword in the crypto community, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to earn free tokens effortlessly. In this guide, we'll explore the world of airdrops, categorizing them into low-, medium-, and high-effort levels. From Basic Attention Token to the exciting ZkSync Era, we'll delve into the steps needed to claim these hidden treasures.

Low-Effort Airdrops

Low-effort airdrops require minimal steps for participants to receive tokens. The simplicity of these airdrops makes them an attractive entry point for newcomers.

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)

    • BAT, associated with the Brave browser, rewards users for opting into ads.

    • Step-by-step guide to claiming BAT airdrop.

  • Ruby Protocol

    • Intent-centric account and access layer for Web3, emphasizing privacy.

    • Participation steps and potential rewards.

  • Utopia

    • A unique project by the 1984 Group aiming to eliminate censorship and promote freedom of expression.

    • Effortless steps to receive daily CRP token airdrops.

Medium-Effort Airdrops

Medium-effort airdrops involve additional steps, such as learning activities or making a deposit, to earn tokens.

  • Coinbase Learn

    • Coinbase's initiative to reward users for learning about crypto.

    • Account creation, verification, and learning steps.

  • OKX

    • Well-known crypto exchange offering airdrops for users making a minimum deposit.

    • Registration, KYC verification, and deposit steps.

  • Leancoin

    • Solana-based Web3 ecosystem with a webinar-based airdrop.

    • Registration and attendance steps for the Leancoin airdrop.

High-Effort Airdrops

High-effort airdrops require active participation in a project's ecosystem, often involving interaction with various elements.

  • ZkSync Era

    • Layer-2 solution on Ethereum blockchain with a potential airdrop.

    • Early engagement tips and strategies for potential eligibility.

  • LayerZero

    • Blockchain interoperability project confirming a token distribution event.

    • Steps to potentially become eligible for the LayerZero airdrop.

  • Starknet

    • Zero-knowledge rollup project facilitating faster and cheaper Ethereum transactions.

    • Community support, bridging tokens, and potential airdrop details.

What Are Crypto Airdrops?

Airdrops are token distribution events where projects transfer tokens to wallets without requiring payment. The purpose is to engage the community and distribute tokens to a broader audience.

How Airdrops Work

Airdrops can vary in size and shape, often requiring participants to perform actions within a project's ecosystem before the official announcement. Active participation in Web3 projects can lead to unexpected bonuses.

Best Airdrops of 2024: A Sneak Peek

ZkSync Era, LayerZero, and Starknet are among the highly anticipated airdrops of 2024. Early engagement and participation in project activities increase the chances of eligibility.

How to Participate in Airdrops

Participating in airdrops involves basic steps like registering on platforms, completing KYC verification, and, in some cases, making deposits. Tips for success include consistent participation and early engagement.

Crypto Faucets: A Hidden Gem

Crypto faucets, often overlooked, serve as a hidden gem in the airdrop culture. These platforms reward users for performing simple tasks and can be a recurring source of free crypto.

ICO Drops: Airdrops Beyond the Surface

ICO drops, associated with Initial Coin Offerings, offer a different perspective on airdrops. They are distributed to specific groups based on specific requirements set by the project.

Honorable Picks Beyond Airdrops

BitDegree's Web3 Exam is an innovative way to learn crypto and Web3 topics while potentially winning prizes. The Exam combines theory and practice, and participants can receive a free BitDegree NFT Certificate of Completion.

Benefits of Airdrops Beyond Tokens

Airdrops, such as the BitDegree Web3 Exam, provide more than just tokens. Participants can enhance their skills and gain proof of their Web3 knowledge.

Precautions and Considerations

While airdrops offer exciting opportunities, participants should be aware of potential risks, including scams and misinformation. Thorough research is essential before engaging in any airdrop.

Success Stories from Airdrop Enthusiasts

Real-life success stories from airdrop enthusiasts showcase the impact of airdrops on portfolios and overall crypto experiences.


In conclusion, the world of crypto airdrops offers a spectrum of opportunities, from low-effort to high-effort engagements. Whether you're a novice or an experienced enthusiast, exploring airdrops can provide unique benefits beyond just receiving tokens.


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