Nov 15, 2023

The Complete Guide to Maximizing the Scroll Airdrop

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Scroll is an emerging zero-knowledge rollup scaling solution for Ethereum that is airdropping its SCROLL token to active testnet participants. As an Ethereum enthusiast, we're excited to dive into the details of Scroll's airdrop program and how to maximize rewards.

Introduction to Scroll and the Significance of Its Airdrop

Scroll is developing zk-rollup technology to help scale Ethereum by bundling transactions off-chain and generating zero-knowledge proofs for validity. This enables much faster and cheaper transactions for Ethereum users.

Scroll's upcoming airdrop will distribute SCROLL governance tokens to users who actively engaged with their testnet. This is an exciting opportunity to earn free tokens in a project with huge potential.

Overview of the Scroll Airdrop Program

To participate in Scroll's airdrop, you'll need to have completed certain activities on their testnet before the specified cutoff date:

  • Depositing tokens into the testnet via the official Scroll portal

  • Swapping test tokens on the integrated DEX

  • Providing testnet liquidity to enable trading of token pairs

  • Transacting using testnet wallets to send payments and mint NFTs

The more you interacted with Scroll's testnet, the more SCROLL tokens you'll be able to claim.

Why Participating in the Scroll Airdrop is Valuable

Earning free SCROLL Tokens is an opportunity to get in early on a promising project before wider adoption. If Scroll succeeds in its vision, SCROLL could gain significant utility and value over the long term.

You'll also be able to participate in the governance of Scroll's ecosystem by voting on proposals and other key decisions. There are many benefits to engaging with innovative communities early on.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participating in the Scroll Airdrop

Follow these steps to maximize your SCROLL rewards:

  1. Ensure you were active in testing Scroll's zk-rollup technology by interacting with their test net portal before the airdrop cutoff date.

  2. Once SCROLL tokens are distributed, connect your Ethereum wallet that was used for testing to Scroll's dashboard.

  3. Your SCROLL airdrop balance will be visible and claimable by submitting the claim transaction.

  4. Add SCROLL to your wallet and become part of the community!

Be sure to follow all announcements from the Scroll team to stay up to date on the latest distribution details. Act fast to maximize your share of SCROLL tokens.


We hope this guide has provided everything you need to successfully participate in Scroll's exciting airdrop opportunity. SCROLL has huge potential to make transactions on Ethereum faster, cheaper, and more private.


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