Sep 22, 2023

Starknet Airdrop Complete Guide 2023 - Coinsomuch

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StarkNet has emerged as a significant player in the realm of ZK-rollups, and the exciting news is that its Mainnet is on the edge of launch. With such developments, the possibility of a token airdrop increases. In this article, we'll delve into what StarkNet represents and outline the steps you can take to be eligible for its forthcoming airdrop.

Furthermore, if you're keen on exploring more about anticipated ZK-rollup airdrops, check out our comprehensive guides for the zkSync Airdrop and the Scroll Airdrop. These guides will provide valuable insights on maximizing your opportunities in crypto airdrops.

What is StarkNet?

StarkNet is a decentralized and permissionless network, known as a Validity-Rollup or ZK-Rollup, built to operate alongside Ethereum. It offers decentralized applications (DApps) unlimited computational power to maintain the security and harmony of Ethereum. StarkNet gains this using STARK, a substantial and scalable cryptographic security system. 

Its intelligent contracts and operating system are coded in Cairo, allowing for flexible deployment and expansion of various business logic. StarkNet's alpha version, v0.11.0, is live on Testnet, with the decision to upgrade to the mainnet version resting on a governance vote.

Does StarkNet have a Token?

Yes, StarkNet has launched its token, STRK, on the Ethereum Mainnet. However, at the moment, these tokens are not available for sale. The Foundation is now deciding how to distribute them, including designing incentive systems for the community. As a result, an upcoming airdrop for the community is possible.

Expert Tips to get Potential StarkNet Token Airdrop?

Your optimal opportunity to secure the $STRK airdrop is by engaging with their Testnet. Moreover, specific protocols operating on StarkNet may not have a token in circulation. By actively utilizing their decentralized applications (DApps), you may be eligible for their airdrops, opening the door to additional rewards and benefits.

1. Set Up and Utilize the Argent X Wallet

MetaMask lacks support for the Alpha Mainnet, preventing integration with Layer 2 Starknet. The exclusive means to access StarkNet is through the Argent X wallet, the premier wallet on StarkNet, boasting 400,000+ users and substantial backing from prominent investors like Paradigm, Index Ventures, and StarkWare Labs. 

To engage with StarkNet via Argent X, users can easily install the browser extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Once installed, they can perform various operations, including sending and receiving funds, exploring new NFTs, and executing swaps seamlessly.

2. Bridge to StarkNet

To ensure inclusion in the snapshot, you need to bridge your Ethereum mainnet presence to StarkNet. For this task, we advise you to utilize StarkGate, the official bridge meticulously crafted and launched by the StarkWare team.

Simply connect your wallet and initiate the transfer of ETH tokens from the mainnet to StarkNet. You may send substantial amounts; frequent usage of the bridge with minimal quantities is enough to secure your position.

3. Interlink with 10KSwap

10KSwap, an Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX), operates as a derivative of UniSwap and is active on the StarkNet mainnet. Engaging actively with the platform increases your likelihood of being part of the snapshot for potential rewards.

This involves regularly swapping tokens and participating in liquidity provisions for pools. These actions contribute to the ecosystem and may enhance your eligibility for potential airdrops.

4. Connect with zkLend

zkLend operates as a money market exclusive to the StarkNet ecosystem. If you want to qualify for their upcoming airdrop, consider engaging in depositing and lending activities to earn more yields. 

This process closely resembles the mechanisms seen in conventional DeFi platforms like AAVE or Compound. Furthermore, zkLend has its imminent airdrop on the horizon.

5. Bridge out of StarkNet

You may also use a substitute bridge like Orbiter Finance to extract your funds from StarkNet. This strategy provides an extra layer of security, ensuring you get all the airdrops even if one of the bridges is included. Moreover, utilizing both bridges may enhance your chances of getting the StarkNet airdrop. It's prudent to diversify your options and enhance your eligibility for any potential rewards in the airdrop.

6. Mint an NFT on MintSquare

MintSquare is a stunning NFT platform that seamlessly integrates with zkSync and StarkNet. The process to mint your NFT is straightforward: begin by uploading your chosen media, which can be any supported image. Ensure that you've switched your network to StarkNet, not zkSync. You should shift your network from ZkSync to StarkNet.

From there, add a name, include some distinctive attributes, and then tick 'mint.  In no time, you'll have a freshly minted NFT securely stored on the StarkNet network. This user-friendly approach allows anyone to easily partake in the world of NFTs, leveraging the power of StarkNet for their creative endeavors.

Join the Starknet Xplorer Campaign

The Starknet Xplorer Campaign spans 8 NFT drops starting May 3, 2023. The initial NFT drop has already occurred. To secure the first Starknet Xplorer Campaign NFT:

  • Install the Argent X wallet.

  • Execute a transaction on the Starknet mainnet consuming your Argent X wallet. This transaction can involve token swaps or rating a dap on dappland.

  • After that,  Starknet will take a snapshot of all qualified handlers, who can then claim and mint the primary NFT. This snapshot guarantees reasonable circulation to active applicants in the Starknet ecosystem.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, StarkNet's imminent Mainnet launch and its potential airdrop opportunities make it an exciting space for crypto enthusiasts. StarkNet, as a Validity-Rollup built on Ethereum, provides an innovative solution for scalability and security using the STARK cryptographic system. While the distribution of its native token, STRK, is still in the works, engaging with the StarkNet ecosystem through Testnet activities and the Argent X wallet is a promising route to potentially securing these tokens.

To further enhance your chances in the StarkNet ecosystem, consider exploring platforms like 10KSwap and zkLend, which offer unique opportunities and potential airdrops. Diversifying your bridge options, utilizing MintSquare for NFT creation, and participating in the Starknet Xplorer Campaign can also prove beneficial in maximizing your rewards within this exciting blockchain network. As StarkNet continues to evolve, active engagement and strategic involvement will be vital to unlocking its full potential.


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