Nov 2, 2023

The Complete Guide to the SupraOracles Airdrop in 2023

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SupraOracles is an up-and-coming blockchain oracle network that is holding an airdrop of their native utility and governance token. This airdrop aims to reward early adopters and supporters and drive the adoption of the SupraOracles platform.

What is SupraOracles?

SupraOracles Website Interface

SupraOracles is building a decentralized oracle network that enables highly reliable and secure real-world data feeds for smart contracts. Their oracles connect off-chain data sources to on-chain smart contracts.

What is the SupraOracles Airdrop?

The SupraOracles airdrop will distribute free tokens to early users who participate in activities like KYC, missions, giveaways, and referrals. This incentivizes usage and provides governance rights.

Why is SupraOracles Holding an Airdrop?

By airdropping tokens, SupraOracles aims to raise awareness of its platform, incentivize data provision and platform usage, and distribute governance rights.

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Who is Eligible for the SupraOracles Airdrop?

Any individual who completes activities like KYC, missions, giveaways, and referrals before the specified cutoff date is eligible to claim airdropped tokens.

How to Qualify for the SupraOracles Airdrop In 2023

Here are the main ways to qualify for SupraOracles' Airdrop Distribution In 2023:

  • Complete the KYC process to verify your identity.

  • Finish missions like providing testnet data and feedback.

  • Participate in giveaways by following SupraOracles' social channels.

  • Share your referral link to spread awareness.

Different Types of SupraOracles Airdrop Interactions

You can interact with SupraOracles in different ways to boost your airdrop eligibility:

  • KYC completion to various tiers.

  • Completing more testnet missions and quests.

  • Maximizing entries into giveaways.

  • Generating more qualified referrals.

How to Claim Your SupraOracles Airdrop Tokens

Claiming your airdropped SupraOracles tokens will be simple:

  • Once distribution occurs, connect your wallet to SupraOracles' dashboard.

  • Your airdrop balance will be visible and claimable with one click.

  • Claim your tokens to your wallet and they'll be ready to use!

Useful Tips for Participating in the SupraOracles Airdrop

  • Carefully follow deadlines for qualifying activities.

  • Check SupraOracles' channels routinely for updates.

  • Report any scams impersonating the airdrop.

  • Save your backup codes and safely manage your wallet.


I hope this guide provides everything you need to successfully participate in SupraOracles' exciting airdrop opportunity!


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