Oct 23, 2023

The Complete Guide to the Potential Tabi Airdrop in 2023

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As an airdrop enthusiast, I've been eagerly following the emerging NFT platform Tabi and rumors of their potential token distribution. While Tabi hasn't confirmed any airdrop plans yet, certain activities may increase your chances if they end up conducting a retroactive drop to early adopters.

In this beginner's guide, I'll provide an Introduction to Tabi, perspective from industry experts on maximizing potential eligibility, and some cost-effective ways to get involved with their ecosystem.

Quick Introduction to Tabi and Its Vision

From what I've gathered about Tabi, their goal is to transform the NFT space by connecting creators, collectors, and consumers through a fully decentralized protocol across multiple blockchains.

They've attracted some major investment from blockchain heavyweights like Binance and Animoca Brands based on this vision. However, they don't have their own governance token yet.

Expert Opinions on Positioning Yourself for an Airdrop

Some of the things industry experts have suggested to maximize your chances if Tabi does an airdrop include:

  • They recommends participating in Tabi's voyage campaigns to earn free NFT rewards through social tasks in order to show platform engagement.

  • Crypto Geeks advises joining Tabi's Discord and Reddit communities, as protocols tend to reward based on community involvement.

  • An Expert Defi gives notes that following Tabi on Twitter and being active liking and sharing posts illustrates ecosystem support.

  • Experts emphasize minting test net NFTs when available to demonstrate usage beyond just token holdings.

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Cost-Effective Ways to Get Early Involvement In 2023

As a beginner airdrop hunter, here are some affordable things I've been doing to get on Tabi's radar:

  • Reading through their documentation to learn about their technical design.

  • Testing their multi-chain bridge to move assets and NFTs across various networks.

  • Providing thoughtful feedback and ideas on their Discord and GitHub.

  • Spreading awareness among talented artists who can provide value to their ecosystem.

  • Making video and blog content educating others about Tabi and multi-chain NFTs.

In my experience, meaningful contribution is more valuable than simply speculating on potential rewards.

Closing Thoughts

While still rumor, Tabi's possible airdrop provides exciting potential upside for early community members if it materializes. I hope this beginner's perspective has provided some useful context both on Tabi as a platform and ways to get involved while managing expectations smartly.


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