Oct 2, 2023

Venom Airdrop Complete Guide 2023

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As a crypto enthusiast, I'm excited about VenomDAO's upcoming airdrop which rewards liquidity providers on their platform. Venom is an innovative cross-chain decentralized derivatives protocol.

In this guide, I'll explain Venom and provide tips to maximize your VENOM token distribution from their Airdrop In 2023.

What is Venom?

VenomDAO is developing a decentralized derivatives liquidity hub focused on options, futures, and perps. As described on their website, Venom aims to make on-chain derivative trading accessible for all through easy-to-use products and optimized capital efficiency.

Venom operates across multiple chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Arbitrum using cross-chain infrastructure. Their airdrop incentivizes usage of the Venom platform.

What is the Venom Airdrop?

VenomDAO is airdropping their governance token VENOM to active liquidity providers on their platform. To participate, you need to:

  • Provide liquidity for Venom pools prior to the snapshot block. More liquidity earns a higher VENOM distribution.

  • Control the private keys to your liquidity provider wallet, as Exchange wallets don't qualify.

  • Use Venom on supported chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Arbitrum.

How to Qualify for the Venom Airdrop

To qualify for Venom's airdrop, you'll need:

  • $75+ in value of liquidity provided across Venom's pools at snapshot time.

  • Liquidity must be from a self-custody wallet where you control the keys.

  • The more TVL you have, the greater your VENOM airdrop share.

Different Ways to Interact with Venom for the Airdrop

You can interact with Venom by:

  • Simply providing liquidity to their AMM pools to meet the $75 minimum.

  • Spread liquidity across multiple wallet addresses to maximize your distribution.

  • Trading actively on Venom's derivatives exchange leading up to the snapshot.

  • Staking VENOM after launch to participate in governance decisions.

  • Developing applications that integrate with Venom's derivatives liquidity.

How to Claim Your Venom Airdrop Tokens

Claiming your Venom airdrop VENOM is simple:

  • Ensure you provide sufficient liquidity from an eligible wallet by the snapshot.

  • Airdropped VENOM will automatically be sent to your wallet after distribution.

  • No action is needed - just check your wallet balance for VENOM after it has occurred.

  • Use Venom's dashboard to estimate your potential VENOM distribution.

Useful Tips for Participating in the Venom Airdrop

Here are some tips to maximize your Venom airdrop share:

  • Provide liquidity of $1000+ in value if possible - more TVL means more VENOM.

  • Spread liquidity across multiple wallets to have more eligible addresses.

  • Use Venom on multiple chains to demonstrate full ecosystem usage.

  • Follow Venom's social channels like Discord for official announcements.

  • Interact with Venom early before the public snapshot timing.


I hope this beginner's guide provides everything you need to maximize your Venom airdrop eligibility! Venom is making decentralized derivatives more accessible. Getting VENOM allows you to influence this leading cross-chain DeFi protocol.


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