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Mar 21, 2024

Metis Airdrop Complete Guide 2023

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As an avid blockchain enthusiast, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Metis' upcoming airdrop to users of their layer 2 scaling solution. Metis has become a leading contender in Ethereum scaling, and their airdrop represents an exciting chance to get METIS governance tokens.

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know to maximize your chances of a higher METIS distribution in Metis Crypto Airdrop In 2023:

What is a Metis Airdrop?

For those new to crypto, an airdrop is where tokens are distributed for free or at low cost to active users in a blockchain network’s ecosystem.

Metis is conducting an airdrop of their governance token METIS to Ethereum users who interacted with their layer 2 scaling solution. By airdropping METIS, they incentivize usage of their network and give users a say in governance matters.

How To Qualify For Metis Airdrop In 2023

Based on Metis’ airdrop announcement, here is what you’ll need to qualify:

  • Have at least 1000 ETH or METIS tokens in your wallet at the time of the airdrop snapshot.

  • Control the private keys to your wallet—exchange accounts don’t count.

  • Use wallets compatible with Metis like MetaMask, Ledger, and Coinbase Wallet.

  • More ETH holdings get a higher METIS distribution proportionally.

The key is making sure you hold a sufficient ETH balance in a compatible self-custody wallet.

Expanded Tips for Participating in Metis In 2023

To boost your chances in Metis’ airdrops and others, I recommend

  • Maintaining at least 1000+ ETH in your wallet if possible, as larger ETH whales get priority in major airdrops.

  • Spreading ETH and tokens across multiple wallets to have more eligible addresses come snapshot time

  • Actively trading, lending, and leveraging tokens on DeFi platforms like Uniswap, Aave, and DyDx.

  • Providing liquidity for ETH and token trading pairs on DEXs to show active ecosystem participation.

  • Staking and voting with governance tokens on popular protocols to qualify for more token drops.

  • Staking and voting with governance tokens on popular protocols to qualify for more token drops.

  • Using a variety of Web3 wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, and managing keys securely.

  • Following Twitter accounts, subreddits, and Discord/Telegram groups dedicated to airdrop announcements to capitalize early.

Different Types of Metis Airdrops in 2023

Metis plans to conduct multiple airdrops for different parts of their ecosystem:

  • ETIS token airdrop to ETH whales with 1000+ ETH holdings

  • Portal token airdrop for interacting with Metis Portal

  • Valiant token airdrop for Metis Valiant testnet participants

Each targets users who actively engage with their products.

Expanded Industry Expert Tips to Claim Your Metis Airdrop Tokens

Here are pro tips from experts on maximizing your Metis Airdrop Share In 2023:

  1. Spread ETH holdings across multiple wallets to have more eligible addresses. This “dusting” tactic multiplies the wallets that get airdropped tokens.

  2. Provide liquidity on DEXs connected to Metis like Uniswap and Loopring. This shows active ecosystem participation beyond just holding tokens.

  3. Use layer 2 transfer services like zkPorter to move assets to Metis’ network. Indicates commitment to using their scaling solution.

  4. Run an Ethereum node to support the underlying network Metis relies on. Node operators often get priority in Ethereum-based drops.

  5. Follow Metis' social channels like Discord and Telegram and engage daily with their community. Building network connections pays off.

  6. Promote Metis to new developers and projects to help expand their ecosystem. This demonstrates dedication beyond just qualifications.

  7. Leverage tokens on popular DeFi platforms that integrate with Metis. The more you use the ecosystem, the better.


I hope this Metis airdrop guide has provided clarity on how to maximize your eligibility and METIS distribution in their highly anticipated token drops. Metis has huge potential as a leading Ethereum layer 2, and its airdrops offer an exciting way to get involved in that ecosystem.


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