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16 New Crypto Presales & ICOs to Watch in 2024 [JUNE]

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Are you a Newbie in Cryptocurrency and you don't have enough budget in pocket to buy BTC or ETH, then you must looking for some reliable and secure Crypto Presales and ICOs to buy in 2024.

Global Cryptocurrency Market Cap today is $2.67 Trillion (based on Forbes Crypto Chart) which means every person who have some spare money, try to invest in Crypto. So, this Complete Guide on Best Crypto Presales would be a game-changer for you.

So, Let's Get Started!

But before we dig deeper, you must know that:

"Cryptocurrency is volatile market and the all information in this article is for educational purposes. Don't make any investment on the basis of this information before getting any Financial advise from Legal Advisors. Otherwise, we'll not responsible for any loss as this is our Expert's Opinions. Read More

Top 16 Crypto Coin Presales or ICO [Ranked By Experts]

Coin Names

Ranked by Month

-> EarthMeta ($EMT)


-> PlayDoge ($PLAY)


-> Sealana ($SEAL)


-> WienerAI ($WAI)


-> Mega Dice Token ($DICE)


-> 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC)


-> ArbitAI ($ARBIT)


-> eTukTuk ($TUK)


-> DogLibre ($DOGL)


-> Rollblock ($RBLK)


-> Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2)


-> Sharpe Labs ($SHP)


-> BaseDawgs ($DAWGS)


-> Royal Finance Coin ($RFC)


-> MetaClash ($PCORE)


-> 5thScape ($5SCAPE)


1. EarthMeta ($EMT)

EarthMeta Presale 2024 - Coin So Much

EarthMeta ($EMT) is right now, most hyped AI coin backed by Blockchain Technology which is in talked in many famous blogs like DisruptAfrica and after researching, this coin is ranked 1st right now in June 2024. EarthMeta Coin have some good tokenomics that makes it a Good Crypto Investment.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of EarthMeta Coin

  • It offers up to 30% bonuses on $EMT Coins purchases for all new Crypto Investors.

  • Staking $EMT coins can yield up to 186% APY.

  • Early adopters stand to receive free NFT cities, similar to Prime Virtual Real Estate in platforms like Decentraland.

2.Playdoge ($PLAY)

Playdoge Presale

This Classic Nintendo-themed coin, who already did $350K+ in Day One Presales is ranked 2nd by our Crypto Team. Playdoge ($PLAY). This game-themed Meme coins have been acquired over $255,000 in day one presale funding. This Crypto token also act as currency for in-game purchases, unique upgrades, and various leaderboard competitions in many games.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Playdoge Coin

  • This is an hooked game so the user once play, will definitely play again.

  • They already did $350K+ in Day One Presales of their Coin.

  • The P2E (Play-to-Earn) Model makes Playdoge, the good investment for Beginners.

3. Sealana ($SEAL)

Sealana PRESALE - Coin So Muhc

This fresh meme coin on the Solana blockchain, launched in May 2024. It features a humorous narrative centred around a chubby seal involved in “degen” memecoin culture. Already been raised over $4 Million, this project is in eyes of the Crypto Investors and many of the new Crypto Traders.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Sealana Coin

  • It offers up to $SEAL Tokens at the price of $0.022 at their Presale.

  • Due to initial success, it shows that it can follow the path of Shiba Inu and other famous Meme Coins.

  • Sealana Token is planning to introduce Governance features, that helps the holders to influence over project decisions

4. WienerAI ($WAI)

WienerAI presale - Coin So Much

WeinerAI ($WAI) is one of the most hyped AI-Memed Coin because of its multifunction features like AI Trading Bot, which makes this coin a bit more valuable than any other meme coin. The AI Trading Bot is designed to give traders, from beginners to seasoned pros, a serious pull up in today's volatile crypto space.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of WeinerAI Coin

  • It offers up to $SEAL Tokens at the price of $0.022 at their Presale.

  • Already raised $5,484,760.66 USD for this Meme-Coin Project.

  • Easy to use AI-Trading Bot

5. Mega Dice Token ($DICE)

mega dice token presale

Mega Dice Token is the Popular Tokenized Gaming Casino Platform with over 4000+ Games to play, generating $50 million per month. They have integrated their project into Solana Blockchain, that makes this Casino Platform more secured and transparent for the users.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Mega Dice Token Coin

  • They have reached 50,000 users on their platform, which makes them the Fatest-Growing Online Casino in 2024.

  • $DICE has quickly raised almost $500,000 in their first week.

  • The current price of their token is $0.069 per $DICE and the minimum presale investment is 1 DICE.

6. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC)


This Simple yet effective idea of Learn-to-Earn Model made by 99Bitcoin Token ($99BTC) is really supercharging the Crypto Market and obviously, why not!

This High-Growth market with Blockchain education helps you to understand the Crypto Trading and enables to earn $99BTC by your own efforts and knowledge. Having a solid start from 2013, this Crypto project have reached over 2.8 Million Email Subscribers.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of 99Bitcoin Coin

  • They have already reached $2,155,668.7 which is much closer to their Fundraising Goal ($2,955,601 )

  • The current Staking APYs are at 2,623%, making it a Good Crypto Investment.

  • 100,000 students already had enrolled in the their Crypto Trading Course.

7. ArbitAI ($ARBIT)

ArbitAI presale - CoinSoMuch

ArbitAI ($ARBIT) is an AI-powered Coin that uses AI Technologies to enhance Arbitrage Trading such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, and real Estate. This Crypto Project already completed their 12,500,000 ARBIT in their seed round (first ICOs).

Their AI-powered Algorithms are relentlessly working 24/7, helps their users to get live Crypto Market updates to make informed decisions.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of ArbitAI Coin

  • They have already sold 10,000,000 ARBIT Tokens till now.

8. eTukTuk ($TUK)


eTukTuk is a great Blockchain Project Initiative done in sustainable transport's design, manufacturing, and distribution of electric tuk-tuk vehicles

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of eTukTuk Coin

  • The eTukTuk presale has raised more than $3 million.

  • The current token price is $0.0305.

  • eTukTuk also offers competitive staking rewards; the APY is currently 87%.

9. DogLibre ($DOGL)


DogLibre ($DOGL) Blockchain Project is a meme-based Initiative for Dogs Welfare through Blockchain Technology. With a major focus on improving dog welfare across the planet through meme culture and other dog utilities, such as Dogs Rescue and Welfare. The maximum supply of 500T $DOGL with 8% available in the 2024 presale.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of DogLibre Coin

  • They have already raised $497,922.93 USD in 2024.

  • The starting price of DogLibre ($DOGL) is 0.00000050 in 1st round. In total, 15% goes to staking rewards, 12% to gaming rewards, 18% to the treasury, 10% to liquidity & launchpool, 10% to R&D & Ops, 10% to marketing, 7% to partnership and 10% to team with cliff and vesting period.

  • DogLibre is backed by well-known and powerful Stray Savior Squad (‘SSS’) and K9 Defense Force.

10. Rollblock ($RBLK)


Rollblock ($RBLK) appeared as an Online Gambling Platform that uses Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to deliver Secure, Equitable, and Swift Gaming Environment. It uses $RBLK Token to offer rewards and privileges.

Check Their Presale: | BUY NOW |

USPs of Rollblock Coin

  • They have already raised $497,922.93 USD in 2024.

  • RollBlock differentiates itself from traditional online casinos by exclusively accepting cryptocurrency deposits

11. Soldiers of Solana ($SDRS)


Soldiers Of Solana ($SDRC) shows the unique concept of Gaming Experience using Blockchain to give rewards in the game. They are ensuring to use the Solana Ecosystem which increases the high transaction speed and low fees, which enhance the gaming experience.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Soldiers Of Solana Coin

  • They have just started their First Presale so it's great opportunity to become First Investors.

  • The current price of Soldiers Of Solana token is 0.000008000 USD.

12. Sharpe Labs ($SHP)


Sharpe Labs ($SHP) is an AI-driven Blockchain Platform, offering Crypto Insights, Portfolio Management, and Digital Investments. With its advance strategy of merging data analytics with DeFi execution on Layer 2 platforms.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Sharpe Labs Coin

  • Sharpe Platform Token has a current supply of 32,000,000 with 17,410,143.6336935 in circulation.

  • Sharpe Labs have a strong userbase of 70,000 users and 8,000 weekly active users.

13. BaseDawgs ($DAWGS)


BaseDawgs is a new and exciting crypto presale token that uses multiple blockchains. It has a clear and detailed plan, making it one of the best options out there. Early investors can look forward to stable growth and can trade on ETH, SOL, AVAX, and BSC.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of BaseDawgs Coin

  • The current price of the BaseDawgs Token is 0.00502 USD.

  • They have raised $1,366,698 till now from Investors.

  • You can claim, store, and trade it seamlessly on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche.

14. Royal Finance Coin ($RFC)

Royal Finance Coin Presale

Royal Finance Coin ($RFC) is a revolutionizing Crypto Token with AI Solar Powered Mining. RFC as a royal finance club in which private persons can invest. In return to their money they get the royal finance coin.

Check Their Presale : | BUY NOW |

USPs of Royal Finance Coin

  • The current price of the BaseDawgs Token is $0.011 USD.

  • There are 337,500,000 RFC Tokens for sale in this Presale.

  • The ROI of up to 20% can be guaranteed in staking

15. MetaClash ($PCORE)


MetaClash is an exciting vehicle combat game set in a futuristic world. It works with Immutable X and Trustpad to improve its blockchain features and player experience.

View their Website : | BUY NOW |

USPs of MetaClash Coin

  • The game aims to create an immersive post-apocalyptic world where players can earn rewards, trade NFTs, and take part in various combat situations.

6. 5thScape (5SCAPE)


Stepping away from meme coins, 5thScape (5SCAPE) is a project focused on virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, 5thScape aims to revolutionize VR entertainment with hyper-realistic games and premium hardware.

View their Website : | BUY NOW |

USPs of 5thScape Coin

  • The price of the 5thScape Coin is $0.00376.

  • They have been raised over $5 million raised in presale funds


As 2024, these crypto presales and ICOs offer exciting opportunities for investors and enthusiasts alike. Whether it's meme-inspired tokens, virtual reality platforms, or innovative blockchain solutions, these projects are shaping the future of the cryptocurrency.

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