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Nov 21, 2023

How To Earn Crypto With Play-To-Earn Crypto Games - Complete Guide

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Imagine You Get Crypto While Playing Games!

Sounds a bit confusing? Don't worry, I'll break it easier.

Play-to-earn (P2E) crypto games are a new model where players can make money and get rewards from playing games.

Unlike normal games, play-to-earn games give you crypto tokens or NFTs that have real money value.

These games run on blockchains like Ethereum (wallet or tokens needed to use them.)

It also builds gaming communities where players support each other.

We will understand all aspects of play-to-earn gaming in this complete guide.

What Are Play-to-Earn Crypto Games?

Play-to-earn crypto games use blockchain technology to reward players and give them ownership of gaming assets.

Players can get both fun and money from these games

Popular Play To Earn Games On the Internet

Some popular P2Es are:

- Axie Infinity where you breed little Axies characters.

- The Sandbox where you build voxel game worlds.

- Splinterlands for collectible card battles. The prizes you win have money value and can be traded on markets outside the actual game. This gives players more ways to earn.

How Play-to-Earn Crypto Games Works

How Play To Earn Games Work

Play-to-earn Crypto Games work on public blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, etc.

Here are the core mechanisms:

Use crypto wallets like MetaMask:

This allows holding crypto assets and NFTs as well as sending transactions using them across games.

Purchase in-game assets like characters:

You need to purchase assets like Axies NFTs to start playing and earning.

Play the game as normal to complete Objectives:

Playing and winning battles, completing quests etc. will help you earn more rewards.

Earn tokens and NFT assets as rewards:

As you accomplish objectives, you're awarded crypto tokens or NFT items i.e $$.

Sell rewards on markets for real money:

Tokens and NFTs can be sold on third-party markets for cashing out your earnings.

Benefits of Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming

There are some great benefits offered by play-to-earn crypto games

1. Financial Rewards

P2E allows earning money while enjoying your usual games.

Tokens and NFTs can be sold for generous rewards in many cases.

2. True Ownership of Game Assets

Blockchain assets give complete ownership and control.

So your rewards hold value even outside the game.

3. Contribute and Feel Useful

Your effort, time, and skill get fairly rewarded in P2E.

So you contribute value to the game and community.

4. Help People in Need

For people in poor countries, these games provide livelihoods and hope.

Earnings can help local job options in distressed economies.

Challenges With Play-to-Earn Gaming

Challenges of Play to Earn Games for Crypto

There are some real challenges still with these models:

  • Upfront Costs : In-game assets like Axies can be expensive for new users.

  • Complex Learning Curve : Understanding crypto wallets, NFTs and tokens is tough.

  • Legal Uncertainty: Many governments don't legalize Blockchain Assets.

  • Price Risks: Crypto Markets are trickier to understand for newcomers.

Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Games In Android and IOS

Here are the most popular and promising play-to-earn crypto game options right now across categories:

1. Axie Infinity

Axies Infinity Interface
  • Breed, battle with cute pets

  • Most established P2E game so far

  • $40 million+ total rewards distributed

  • Available on Android and IOS

  • Use also on Binance

2. The Sandbox

Sandbox Interface
  • Build voxel game worlds and sell assets

  • Backed by major gaming brands and investors

  • Virtual real estate sold for millions

  • Available On Android, IOS and PC

  • Use also on Binance

3. My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Interface
  • Farm, harvest, trade in cute island paradise

  • Lighthearted world-building with friends

  • $180M+ funding from tier 1 VCs

  • Available on Android and IOS

4. Splinterlands

Splinterlands Interface
  • Tactical card battles with extensive strategy

  • 500,000+ active players, over 2M+ NFTs sold

  • Partnered with leading investor funds

  • Available on Android and IOS

5. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained Interface
  • Magic-themed competitive card dueling

  • 10M+ matches played so far

  • Developed by top ex-Blizzard developers

  • Available on Android and IOS

There are 100s more across RPG, racing, social, and strategy genres but these make a great start.

How To Start Earning With Play-to-Earn Gaming

Here is a step-by-step procedure to start your P2E gaming journey:

Step 1: Choose a Game

Browse games in your favorite genres and assess beginner-friendliness, costs etc.

We recommend starting with Sandbox as it's easy and creative.

Step 2: Install a Crypto Wallet

You need a crypto wallet - install MetaMask browser extension


Get a hardware wallet like Ledger. This will hold your assets.

Step 3: Get Starter Funds

Buy some crypto like ETH from an exchange to fund your wallet.

Around $50 is enough to start playing many games.

Step 4: Purchase In-Game Assets

Use your wallet to buy starter NFTs or tokens from marketplaces like OpenSea to start playing the game you chose.

Step 5: Start Playing!

Link your wallet to the game Dapp,

Set up your profile and start playing to complete quests to Earn $$.

Ways to Earn Money from Play-to-Earn Gaming

Here are some of the top ways to earn real-world money from P2E gaming:

  • Direct Token or NFT Rewards : Sell In-game achievements award tokens or NFT items

  • Staking Game Tokens: Some games give staking rewards for locking your earned tokens.

  • Flip Valuable NFTs : Flip highly desirable ones for profit just like in regular gaming.

  • Become a Guild Leader : Lend assets to newcomers, and take revenue share.

  • Livestream Gameplay : Many platforms now support streaming play-to-earn games.

The Future of Play-to-Earn Gaming

Play-to-earn gaming is still quite new but growing extremely fast. As blockchain keep improving, asset ownership gets recognized, and onboarding gets easier, plaplay-to-earndels could compete with and even beat traditional gaming.

Early adopters stand to gain the most from this enormous opportunity. While caution is warranted, the innovation cannot be ignored. We encourage you to explore this futuristic convergence of gaming and ownership unlocked by crypto economics.

It opens up more than just entertainment - collaborative communities and livelihoods are emerging worth being a part of.


If you are good at playing Games and you want some legitimate source to earn Crypto with Gaming, then Play-To-Earn Crypto Games are the right destination to start your Income.

If you have any query regarding the article or anything related to the Coinsomuch, then ask freely as we love to hear from you.


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