Published on: May 20, 2024Last update: Jun 15, 2024

New Roblox Codes For Bitcoin Mining (2024)

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Are you playing the super fun Roblox game Bitcoin Miner? It lets you create your own virtual Bitcoin mining empire! In this cool game, you get to build an office, add powerful computers to mine Bitcoin, upgrade your operations, and earn tons of cash. Sounds exciting, right? Well, I have some amazing news that will make Bitcoin Miner even more enjoyable.

Get Free Bonus Items Using Special Codes

There are special codes you can use to get free bonus items and power-ups the game! These codes give you awesome rewards like boosts to mine Bitcoin faster, extra building materials, and unique decorations for your office.

How to Redeem Roblox Bitcoin Miner Codes In 2024

To get the free codes, first launch the Bitcoin Miner game on Roblox.

  • Once inside the game, look for an orange kiosk or stand with the word "CODES" written on it.

  • Walk up to this kiosk and press the "E" key on your keyboard. This will open up a window where you can enter codes.

  • To get the rewards, simply copy a code, paste it into the text box at the CODES kiosk, and click "Redeem".

  • You will definitely get awesome new boost or item for your Bitcoin mining business!

Current Working Bitcoin Miner Codes

Here are all the currently active Bitcoin Miner codes for 2024 and the free rewards they give:

  1. ThxFor2M - Limited Card

  2. 54L5 - Super Mining Boost

  3. UGCUpdate - Super Mining Boost

  4. B7FQ - Super Mining Boost

  5. thxfor150M - 150M Visits Card

  6. KB34 - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  7. NewLampBoost - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  8. 6wio - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  9. 45dz - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  10. 43DB - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  11. GreenWall - Rewards: 5x Hedge

  12. RockBoost - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  13. LightningSpeed - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  14. PowerfulBoost - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  15. PurplePrism - Rewards: 5x Hedge

  16. StoneBoost - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  17. GPUBoost - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  18. WeekIV - Rewards: Super Mining Boost

  19. Week3 - Rewards: Alien Block Head

  20. AnotherBlock - Rewards: Concrete Block

  21. extra - Rewards: Starter Electricity Box

  22. FreeLvl - Rewards: One Level Up

  23. SandFloor - Rewards: Sand Floor

Important Things to Know About Bitcoin Miner Codes

But there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Codes expire over time, so use them quickly!

  • You can only use each code once per account.

  • Type codes exactly right, no typos or extra spaces.

  • New codes get released frequently, so check back often.


Use these to build your first simple Bitcoin mining setup. As miners produce Bitcoin, sell it at the Exchange office for cash. Use that cash to buy upgrades like better GPUs, more power, and cool decorations. You can also do quests from NPCs to earn extra cash and items.

So what are you waiting for? Fire up Roblox Bitcoin Miner right now! Let us know if you need any other Bitcoin Miner tips or tricks.

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