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Apr 19, 2024

Top 10 Crypto Gaming Tokens to Invest in 2024 (UPDATED)

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Crypto gaming tokens are digital currencies specifically designed for use within video games and gaming-related platforms. These tokens leverage blockchain technology to enable secure and transparent transactions, asset ownership, and decentralized governance within gaming ecosystems. Unlike traditional in-game currencies, crypto gaming tokens often have real-world value and can be traded or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on various exchanges.

Top Gaming Tokens To Invest In 2024

Now, the top Gaming tokens that are really hot in Business and low in risk are:

1. Pixels ($PIXEL)

Pixel Token

Pixels, a chill farming game built on the Ethereum blockchain, has captured the imagination of gamers and investors alike with its seamless integration of blockchain elements. As the native token of this immensely popular game, PIXEL has garnered a substantial following, boasting hundreds of thousands of daily active users and generating a staggering $1 billion in trading volume within a single day.

Key Features Of Pixels

  • Seamless integration of blockchain elements in the Pixels gaming experience

  • Hundreds of thousands of daily active users

  • Generated over $1 billion in trading volume within a single day

  • At its peak, PIXEL surpassed $1, solidifying its position as a top gaming token in 2024

2. Saga ($SAGA)

Saga Gaming Token

Saga, a layer-1 blockchain network dedicated to the gaming industry, has emerged as a major player in the play-to-earn sphere. With a strong focus on gaming and its in-house game publishing arm, Saga Origins, the network has resonated with investors, propelling the SAGA token to impressive heights.

Key Features Of Saga

  • Layer-1 blockchain network with a focus on gaming and play-to-earn mechanics

  • Established Saga Origins, an in-house game publishing arm

  • Record-breaking Binance Launchpool campaign, attracting over $13.4 billion worth of staked funds

  • SAGA token achieved impressive market capitalization, securing the number two spot on this list

3. Portal ($PORTAL)

Portal Gaming Token

An Ethereum-based cross-chain gaming platform, reached fever pitch earlier this year. Fueled by a successful airdrop farming initiative and a record-breaking Binance campaign, the PORTAL token generated substantial buzz and excitement within the crypto gaming community.

Key Features Of Portal

  • Ethereum-based cross-chain gaming platform

  • Successful airdrop farming initiative, generating significant user activity

  • Record-breaking Binance campaign (surpassed later by Saga)

  • Potential for recovery and growth if momentum is regained

4. Xai ($XAI)

XAI Gaming Token

Built on the Ethereum scaler Arbitrum, Xai, a layer-3 gaming network, made its presence felt with the year's first major airdrop. This strategic move rewarded early supporters, including Guardian Node owners and specific NFT holders, setting the stage for a strong start for the XAI token.

Key Features Of Xai

  • Layer-3 gaming network built on the Ethereum scaler Arbitrum

  • Kicked off 2024 with a major airdrop rewarding early supporters

  • XAI's peak price exceeded double its initial offering price

  • Recently launched staking rewards, further solidifying its position

5. Heroes of Mavia ($MAVIA)

Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

Heroes of Mavia, a mobile game reminiscent of the popular "Clash of Clans," has emerged as one of the biggest new crypto game launches of 2024. Developed by Skrice Studios, this play-to-earn title has garnered millions of downloads across iOS and Android platforms, accompanied by a strategic airdrop to early players and virtual land NFT owners.

Key Features Of Heroes Of Mavia

  • Mobile game reminiscent of "Clash of Clans" with play-to-earn mechanics

  • Millions of downloads across iOS and Android platforms

  • Strategic airdrop to early players and NFT owners

6. Gaimin ($GMRX)

Gaimin Gaming token

Gaimin, a decentralized cloud computing platform designed for gaming, introduced its native token, GMRX, in late March. While the individual token price remains relatively low, the sizeable circulating supply propelled its peak market capitalization to a noteworthy $261.2 million.

Key Features Of Gaimin

  • Decentralized cloud computing platform for gaming

  • Allows users to contribute computing resources and earn rewards

  • Sizeable circulating supply propelled a peak market cap of $261.2 million

  • Potential for growth as cloud gaming and decentralized computing gain traction

7. Apeiron ($APRS)

Apeiron (APRS)

Apeiron, a highly anticipated strategy game built on the Ronin network, has garnered significant attention from the crypto gaming community. Currently hosting a play-to-airdrop campaign and having recently introduced its APRS token through the network's inaugural token sale, Apeiron's market capitalization nearly touched the $200 million mark on launch day.

Key Features Of Apeiron

  • Highly anticipated strategy game built on the Ronin network

  • Currently hosting a play-to-airdrop campaign

  • Inaugural token sale on Ronin

  • APRS token's market cap nearly touched $200 million on launch day

8. Star Heroes ($STAR)

Star Heroes TOken

StarHeroes, an intergalactic multiplayer game emphasizing competitive skill and community ownership, has garnered attention for its novel approach to player rewards and sustainable resource management. With a total supply of 700 million STAR tokens and a current market cap of $28.82 million, this project, launched in 2023, hints at considerable growth potential as it matures.

Key Features Of Star Heroes

  • Intergalactic multiplayer game emphasizing competitive skill and community ownership

  • Novel player reward system and sustainable model reliant on player-generated resources

  • Total supply of 700 million STAR tokens

9. Enjin Coin ($ENJ)

ENJ Coin Token

A pioneer in the blockchain gaming space, has focused on facilitating virtual goods transactions within the gaming community. By providing digital assets with real-world value and ensuring security and liquidity, Enjin Coin has established itself as a reputable player in the industry.

Key Features Of Enjin Coin

  • Focuses on facilitating virtual goods transactions within the gaming community

  • Provides digital assets with real-world value, ensuring security and liquidity

  • Circulating supply of 1.4 billion ENJ tokens

  • Market cap of approximately $598 million

10. League of Kingdoms Arena ($LOKA)

League of Kingdoms Arena

LOKA, a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game, has garnered attention for its innovative integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanics.

Key Features Of League Of Kingdom Arena:

  • Blockchain-based MMO strategy game incorporating DeFi mechanics

  • Merges blockchain technology with the traditional MMO strategy game format

  • Circulating supply of 163 million LOKA tokens

  • Market cap of $61 million

Reasons To Invest In Gaming Tokens In 2024

Investing in crypto gaming tokens can be appealing for several reasons:

  1. The gaming industry is massive and continues to expand rapidly. Crypto gaming tokens allow investors to potentially benefit from this growth.

  2. Many gaming tokens are designed for use within specific gaming ecosystems, offering utility and driving adoption. As more gamers utilize these tokens, their value could increase.

  3. The gaming industry is known for innovation, and crypto gaming projects are pushing boundaries with blockchain integration, NFTs, virtual reality, and more. Investing allows participation in cutting-edge developments.

  4. Highly engaged gaming communities can create strong support networks for crypto gaming projects, leading to increased demand and value for associated tokens.

  5. Adding crypto gaming tokens to an investment portfolio can help diversify holdings, potentially reducing risk


In conclusion, the top 10 crypto gaming tokens for 2024 present a compelling investment opportunity at the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. From decentralized gaming platforms to play-to-earn models, these tokens showcase the diverse applications of blockchain in gaming.


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