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Can Ether ($ETH) Can Rise To 4,800 again?

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In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a downfall in the prices of Cryptocurrencies after the Bitcoin Halving. This surge has sparked enthusiasm among investors while also raising concerns about the sustainability of Ether's bullish trajectory.

In this comprehensive analysis, we deep dive into various aspects surrounding Ether's price surge, addressing both the positive developments and potential challenges ahead.

Understanding the Ether’s Price Highest Jump

Understanding Market Dynamics of Ethereum - Coinsomuhc

This all-time high selling price of Ether $4,878.26 , which was recorded on 11/10/2021. Comparatively, the current price is 31.08% lower than the all-time high price.

Market Dominance and Capitalization

With a current market capitalization of $411,850,641,532.00, Ether firmly establishes its dominance in the crypto space. This substantial market capitalization underscores the importance of Ether as a leading cryptocurrency.

Can Ether Surpass $4,800 again?

There is no clear marks or signs that can show us that Ether can surpass $4,800 again. However after getting Today's Ether Coin Report and price predictions, investors are optimistic for its growth.

According to InvestingHaven's Price Predictions, the Ether reach a minimum price of $2,824.26 and a maximum price of $4,353.42 in 2027.

  • Will 2024 is a Great Opportunity for Ethereum?

Absolutely, 2024 is really a great opportunity for Ethereum. Despite after high price volatility of Bitcoin after Halving, the altcoins like Ethereum and memecoins performs well.

Currently, the Ethereum price stands at $3,269.20, marking a -5.03% decrease within seven days.

  • Is Ethereum a Good Investment or not in 2024?

Ethereum is no doubt one of the Good Investment in 2024 if it is rightly invested after proper research and analysis of the Ether price.

  • What are the Historical Prices Of Ethereum?

The Ethereum's Historical Prices are listed below in YOY period:

Year-wise Period

Avg. Price History

2013 (Birth of Ethereum)


2014 (Beginning)


2015 (The Genesis Block)

$0.50 - $3.00

2016 (The Rise of Ether)


2017 (The ICO Boom)


2018 (ICO Influenced Bubble Market)


2019 (Consolidation and Recovery)

$100 - $300

2020 (DeFi Explosion)


2021 (NFT Boom Era)


2022 (Market Volatility)

$1,500 - $3,000

2023 (Mature Market)

$2,500 - $3,500

Understanding Market Dynamics

Understanding Market Dynamics of Ethereum - Coinsomuhc

Tokenomics Of Ethereum

The Ethereum is currently at a staggering price of $3,362.27 within 1 week. The Market Cap is $410,018,640,628.00 and the total supply of $122275692.654242. The highest price paid for Ethereum (eth) is $4,878.26 , which was recorded on 11/10/2021. However, the lowest price paid for Ethereum (eth) is $0.43 , which was recorded on 10/20/2015.


In conclusion, the Ethereum is really a Good Investment in 2024 if it is made with right decision and analysis. However, you must know that the Crypto Market is very volatile and you must be aware of potential risks in this Market. We hope that you must get the right analysis done by our Crypto Research Team and we hope that your investment could be your lucky charm.

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