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May 2, 2024

Active and Upcoming Crypto ICOs Updated List 2024 - Coin So Much

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What Are ICOs and Why Do They Matter?

An ICO is essentially a crowdfunding event where a new crypto project releases and sells its own native tokens to early investors and supporters. By purchasing these tokens during an ICO, you're betting that the project will be successful and the token's value will skyrocket once it's listed on major exchanges.

Sounds simple enough, but ICOs give you a rare chance to get exposure to the next big cryptocurrencies before they go mainstream. Historical examples like Ethereum's ICO, where early investors saw over 5,300x returns,

Upcoming 5 Hot ICOs to Watch in 2024

Upcoming 5 Hot ICOs to Watch in 2024

1. Dogeverse - The World's First True Multi-Chain Meme Coin

Dogeverse brings the doge phenomenon to Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche and more blockchains. Its cross-chain abilities and token utilities like staking could drive massive demand.

2. WienerAI - Innovative AI-Powered Meme Token With Staking

Combining memes and AI, WienerAI uses artificial intelligence to continuously evolve its features. It also incentivizes holding through a lucrative staking program.

3. MegaDice - Leading Decentralized Gambling Platform

Positioned to disrupt crypto betting, MegaDice's GambleFi token fuels this Solana-based platform. If it gains traction, the token could explode.

4. 99Bitcoins - Learn-to-Earn Crypto With Huge Existing Audience

99Bitcoins is a novel "learn to earn" crypto that rewards educational course completion. With an audience over 700k, it has major mainstream potential.

5. 5th Scape

- Metaverse Token Merging Crypto and VR

5th Scape combines virtual reality gaming with crypto through VR hardware and software. Holding tokens provides exclusive in-game assets and advantages.

How To Evaluate New ICOs In 2024?

You can evaluate New ICOs to avail in 2024 by using our 4 points-checklist:

  1. Credible projects should outline clear real-world uses and demand drivers for their token, not just speculation.

  2. Analyze total supply, distribution, burning mechanisms, and whether the tokenomics encourage scarcity.

  3. A realistic, well-planned roadmap shows legitimacy.

  4. Research the experience and public exposure of core team members.

  5. An active, organic community following a project could signal grassroots interest.

  6. Audits from trusted firms ensure security and catch vulnerabilities before launch.

What Are The Major Risks In Availing ICOs?

While offering huge upside potential, ICOs carry major risks including:

  • Overinflated marketing and unclear use cases

  • Regulatory uncertainty in many jurisdictions

  • Vulnerability to scams and rug pulls

To invest responsibly, only allocate what you can afford to lose, diversify across multiple ICOs, and always conduct thorough research.

What is the Best Way to find Promising ICOs Early?

You can find the Best and promising ICOs early by following these points:

  • Follow trusted listing sites like ICOBench, CoinLaunch, and ICOHotList to discover vetted opportunities before they go mainstream.

  • Focus on projects with real utility, solid tokenomics, clear roadmaps, public teams, active communities, and audits.

  • Seek out presales, whitelistings, and earliest stages before an ICO is overheated by hype.

What Should Be Your Investing Plan For ICOs In 2024?

  • Build a focused watchlist from top ICO sites

  • Deeply research teams, tech, tokenomics and identify red flags

  • Target presales and earliest entry points

  • Only allocate what you can lose and diversify bets

  • Hold strongest projects relentlessly through any near-term volatility


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