Nov 29, 2023

Telos Airdrop Complete Guide 2024 - Coin So Much

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As a crypto enthusiast, I think the upcoming Telos airdrop offering free TLOS tokens in 2023 sounds super cool! Who doesn't like getting free stuff, especially free money? In this guide written especially for beginners, let’s walk through the easy way to join and claim your free crypto.

Let me walk you through the step-by-step process for the Telos Airdrop Guide so you can get your share too.

What Exactly is an Airdrop?

In the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, airdrops are a promotional giveaway tactic. Projects reward supporters and users with totally free coins or tokens to raise awareness and increase adoption of their platform.

And the great thing is, these tokens hold actual value and can be sold for profits later as interest in the project rises. So keep this in mind as we dive into the Telos airdrop and why it's worth your time.

What is Telos Network and TLOS Airdrop

Telos is a popular decentralized smart contract platform that allows extremely fast dapps at affordable prices. I won't get into the complex stuff.

Just know - fast and cheap to build killer crypto apps.

Now to reward early supporters and drive further usage of the Telos apps ecosystem, the Telos Foundation is airdropping over 1 million completely free TLOS tokens through 2023 for those that promote and engage with their community.

The TLOS token also unlocks all kinds of perks across Telos apps from DeFi interest to crypto gaming and more. So once you have it, find an app that excites you or trades for cash. Win-win!

Step-By-Step Easy Instructions to Qualify and Get Your Free Tokens

To help make your path to earning those free TLOS tokens crystal clear, here is your official step-by-step blueprint:

Step 1:

Hop onto the Telos Telegram group (named TELOS Hispano) through the website and become an active member

Step 2:

Similarly follow and share from their Twitter profile routinely with friends

Step 3:

For über crypto fans - create tutorials, memes, etc. that spread awareness locally and that's the golden ticket!

Another Method For Qualifying Telos Airdrop In 2024

This method is for those who are a bit more mature in this Field (the above one is for BEGINNERS):

  1. Check the Telos Foundation Crew3 Questboard page.

  2. Complete easy quests to earn XP (experience points) by providing your Metamask wallet address.

  3. Look out for Daily Telos Quests for important updates and finish tasks before they expire.

  4. Engage in Partner Quests on @HelloTelos using platforms like @RocketXexchange and others for activities such as swaps and staking.

Pro Tips from Crypto Insiders on Maximizing Your Airdrop Share

Here are some pro suggestions from prominent crypto leaders on getting the highest TLOS yield:

  • "Consider running local Telos meetups or workshops to deeply drive ecosystem growth" -


  • "Leverage all major social platforms - Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram etc. to maximize impact" -


  • "Translate TLOS content into foreign languages to increase global reach" -


  • "Involve yourself in ancillary activities like building tools/scripts for Telos devs" -



As you can see, creative and value-adding participation stands out. So get those thinking caps on! And there you have it - the beginner's guide to navigating the Telos crypto airdrop and claiming your free tokens. Just remember the key steps and expert ideas shared above.


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