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Jan 12, 2024

World's Successful Crypto Airdrops Of All-Time

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Welcome to the thrilling world of crypto, where airdrops have become the cool way for blockchain projects to share their digital goodies. These events are like virtual parties, handing out free tokens and shaping the digital money scene. Let's dive into the past and discover some epic airdrop stories.

Ethereum's Genius Airdrop

In the early days of 2014, Ethereum, the pioneer of smart contracts, paved its way into the crypto universe with a groundbreaking airdrop. It was like giving a gift before a grand opening—a welcome gesture to those who believed in the project.

Early supporters and community members received Ether (ETH), the fuel that powers the Ethereum network. This airdrop set the tone for future blockchain projects looking to build a community from the ground up.

OmiseGo's Airdrop

Fast forward to 2017, and OmiseGo took center stage with its airdrop strategy. In a bid for financial inclusion, the project distributed OMG tokens to Ethereum holders. It was like handing out slices of a revolutionary pie to those already invested in the crypto ecosystem.

This approach not only rewarded existing supporters but also expanded the OmiseGo community, fostering a sense of shared success.

NEO's Antshares Transformation Airdrop

In the same year, NEO, often dubbed as the "Chinese Ethereum," underwent a metamorphosis. Previously known as Antshares (ANS), NEO not only changed its name but also conducted an airdrop for ANS holders.

This strategy not only brought attention to NEO but also strengthened its community.

NEM's XEM Record-setting Airdrop

In 2014, NEM made waves with one of the largest airdrops in history. The project distributed XEM tokens to Bitcoin holders, creating a buzz akin to a grand carnival. The scale of this airdrop set NEM apart, demonstrating how generosity could spark interest and fuel community growth. It was like a digital celebration, where the more, the merrier, as the community expanded rapidly.

Stellar Airdrop:

Stellar, with its focus on fast and affordable cross-border transactions, engaged in a series of airdrops. In 2014, XLM tokens were distributed to Bitcoin holders. This strategy not only attracted attention but also ensured wider token distribution, aligning with Stellar's vision of financial inclusivity.

EOS's Year-Long Airdrop

EOS, a blockchain platform, embarked on a year-long initial coin offering (ICO) accompanied by an airdrop component. This strategy resembled a dual dance, with investors having the option to participate in the ICO or simply receive EOS tokens through the airdrop. It was an inclusive approach, giving the community flexibility and choice in how they wanted to be part of the EOS journey.

Decred's Community Embracing Airdrop

In 2016, Decred, focusing on community governance and sustainable funding, conducted a memorable airdrop. DCR tokens were distributed to Bitcoin holders, symbolizing a handshake between communities. This strategy not only rewarded existing supporters but also laid the foundation for a community-driven project, emphasizing the importance of collective decision-making.

TRON's Migration Airdrop

TRON, in its migration from the Ethereum blockchain to its own in 2018, engaged in several airdrops. It was like a journey where passengers received tokens as souvenirs.

This approach not only facilitated a smooth transition but also ensured that the TRON community remained an integral part of the evolving blockchain landscape.


Looking back at these awesome airdrops! Each airdrop is a special story, adding colors to the Crypto Communities. From the Immense Growth of Ethereum to Year-Long Airdrop, these airdrops are still one of the Best and Result-Driven Strategy.


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